Build the skills and create the habits to bring your body back into balance, and live the healthy life you deserve by following a holistic approach based on the 6 elements of the Integral health: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Existential, Rational and Environmental.

Focus on how your body feels, functions, and performs.

Weight Lifter


  • General mood

  • Awareness of how you feel a full range of emotions

  • How you express your emotions

  • How do you respond to emotional challenges

Mother and Daughter Love

Relational / Social

  • How much you connect and interact with others

  • The ability to develop and maintain authentic and fulfilling relationships

  • Seeing and feeling valued and respected by others

  • Having a sense of belongingness

Friends Socializing


  • Focus on how well you think, learn and remember

  • The perspectives and outcomes on the world

  • The capacity for insights and conscious awareness

  • The creativity and flexible problem-solving

Couple Meditating on the Beach

Existential / Purpose

  • Why you do things the way you do

  • Strong sense of oneself and intrinsic self-worth

  • Seeing and feeling part of the "big picture"

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  • Being and feeling safe and secure

  • Being and feeling supported by your sorroundings

  • Having access to resources (food, health care, etc)

  • Contributing to the world