Virtual Live Workouts

Full-Body Strength & Conditioning

This an intense but really fun class where we will be engaging every single muscle group of your entire body. we will combine strength training exercises, using dumbells and/or workout elastic bands; free-weight exercises, and some cardio as well, because...why not?

Price: $6.99



This is a high-energy kickboxing workout that combines martial arts techniques with heart-pumping cardio.

It is an intense 45 min workout to help you reduce stress, improve coordination, burn calories, boost your energy, and your confidence level. However, if you have any physical injury and/or limitation please consult with your physician before registering for this event.

Price: $6.99



Moving in sync with music helps you work harder, I use music created to match every single move. So, instead of counting reps, you're just moving to the beat.

Don't worry if you miss a rep - after a few classes, you'll learn the moves, which will help you push harder and keep advancing. just listen to the music, keep following the beat and you'll get a killer workout.

Price: $6.99